(#3) Valuable Life Lessons That Video Games Taught Me: Resourcefulness

Dear friends!

Something came to me the other day and I really wanted to share it with every one! I wanted to share the three most valuable life lessons I learned through video games.

Growing up, I’ve always loved playing video games. When I was a child, I thought video games were all just for fun and games. For the most part they are, but now that I’ve gotten into the habit of really digging deep, taking a step back, and looking past what we see on the surface, I realized that my love for games have actually taught me so much. In this countdown trilogy -because I want to be extra that way- I’ll showcase the three most valuable life lessons I’ve learned from video games.

  • 3. Resourcefulness

    I’ve played a lot of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
    I was basically on Ragnarok Online all day and night when I was twelve. As someone who was so young and obviously not allowed to talk to “cyber strangers” (according to my parents) it was hard to play the game as a lone wolf. So there I was, my twelve year old self, racking my brain as to how to get premium items. The only way to get premium items – without using a credit card at the time – was to win events. To do so, you needed top notch gear, and in order to get that, you need to farm and hunt monsters and bosses for materials. I know, that sounds like a lot of work, and it was. I initially thought I can farm items by myself, but boy was I wrong…After dying to the easiest boss (only about a million times) I finally admitted it to myself that I obviously needed a better way to get what I needed. So I checked the market place frequently, but lo and behold! All the items I needed cost A LOT of Zeny (Currency of Ragnarok Online). I felt discouraged, but then I started noticing a trend. There were certain items being sold at the marketplace that -when bought in bulk- generated a lot of money. The thing about these items too, is that they were relatively easy to farm. People just didn’t want to spend time hunting those monsters! An idea sparked in my head. As a lone wolf I didn’t have any priest (class in the game) friends that’ll teleport me for free to places or money to spare to take the teleport service, so I walked and got really good at memorizing maps. I knew exactly where the optimal places were to farm the monsters that dropped those items! So I set on my adventure to farm. I dedicated a day to farming those monsters and sold my drops in the market. Let’s just say I got more than enough to buy a top tier weapon (which I needed in order to succeed). After that, I kept doing the same thing. Watching market trends, hunting, getting items. By the end of it all, I managed to get my premium items, own three guilds (sorry mom and dad, I eventually talked to “cyber strangers”), and conquered two castles. So moral of the story: Don’t get discouraged. If there’s a will, there’s always going to be a way.

    How does this apply to my life now? Well it applies to a lot of areas of my life, but an example would be in my career. Now I’m taking a different path to where I initially thought I would end up career wise and I’m basically teaching myself how to be an exceptional UX/UI Designer (but also a decent Front-End Developer) and since most tools and resources that are being used in the industry aren’t the cheapest, I go to networking events to learn from professionals in the field and take bits of knowledge and suggestions from them in order to build and kick start my career. I also read a lot of free materials online in order to achieve this goal. All in all, I always remind myself that there is never a dead end. Just take a look around, be creative, and find a different path to get where you want to be.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will post what the second most valuable life lesson video games have taught me. I hope you enjoyed this short read and hope you keep reading!




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