(#2) Valuable Life Lessons That Video Games Taught Me: Rejection Isn’t a Bad Thing

Dear friends!

I know rejection isn’t easy . Sometimes it makes you feel like trash, BUT YOU’RE NOT! Read on and find out how video games taught me how to deal with rejection.

  • 2. Realize That Rejection Isn’t a Bad Thing

    Let’s just say that I’ve had my fair share of rejections (Hell I just got rejected today by an interviewer). Rejections which range from small ones, like if I can eat a whole cake after dinner to really big ones like someone telling you they no longer love you. All those times, yes I did get upset, but in all honesty I thank games for helping me out. Thank you to video games because it made me better at dealing with rejection. Now you maybe thinking, “Huh? How in the world can video games help you deal with that?”. In all honesty I really can’t find the words to explain it clearly, so instead I can only try and make you understand by telling you a story. The time I realized that – for the longest time – video games have been helping me deal with rejection.

    So, fast forward to many, many years after my Ragnarok days, twelve years later to be exact. I find myself on TERA (another MMORPG). So, with TERA I’ve been one of those on and off people. Where I get tired of grinding, leave, then out of curiosity come back to see new changes and end up playing again. Anyways, I came back and basically I felt like a newb (newbie). I didn’t know how to do anything anymore and was overwhelmed by the amount of information that I had to re-learn. Different from my Ragnarok days I was now more confident to talk to strangers online and ask them for help. Confused with how the whole TERA universe was, I set out to find a guild.

    One day when I was just casually out trying to figure things out, a guild posted in global chat saying they were a nice guild willing to help players improve. They seemed like the kind of people I would want to hang out with online so I was like “Why not?” I messaged the person who posted and I had a good conversation with them. As the conversation went on I was getting more and more into it and really thought that I could like being in their guild. To my horror, this person asked me to go through a “tryout”. In my head I was screaming! The only thing running through my mind was, “Tryout? What tryout?! Like the ones at school?! I gotta show off my skills?! I just wanted to learn?!”. While I was having a moment, the person messaged me back telling me to be ready in five minutes because we were going to do a dungeon run. Still having no idea what was happening, five minutes pass and I was still confused, so I blindly follow these people to a dungeon that I was clearly not ready for. Long story short we almost fail due to my “lack of skill” and “knowledge” and this person basically tells me that…I suck. Watching my loading screen blankly, I felt hurt. Sitting in town, I was still hurt. With a dark cloud looming over my being, my real life being, I half-heartily did dungeons by myself thinking I wasn’t enough. All of a sudden, in the midst of battle, I started feeling silly. Why was I upset over a tryout in a game? I realized it was because I got rejected. Sad over the fact that my genuine desire to learn wasn’t enough for them and that they couldn’t overlook my flaws and see my potential.

    Sitting back at my chair, I started really thinking deeply about rejections in my life, I realized that experiencing rejections in game helped me develop a process. One that helped me ease my heart and mind. A part of it is reminding myself of who I am, what I know my skills and talents are, and that I shouldn’t sell myself short because of what someone else has said. Another is taking what people say and really looking at my actions and words, what I know, and see if I can improve on it. Video games made me see that the rejections you experience can help you grow. It does so by shedding light on your weaknesses and helping you become a better you.

Hope you enjoyed the second of this “trilogy” and I know that all of my examples involved MMORPG’s but rejections can happen in any game. For example, getting denied the chance to ult in Overwatch because Ana hits you with a sleep dart and you miss the opportunity to get the POTG (Play of the Game). Anyways, stay tuned! Tomorrow will be the most valuable life lesson I have learned playing games.




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